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Access Denied

  Access Denied By Thomas Pask   After being tasered, I picked myself up from the front doorway, where they left me, under the coat hooks. I must have hit my head when I fell, because I came to my senses in a patch of drool, staring at the heels of shoes, and scrambled to my feet like a sentry caught napping. Every muscle ached as if I’d been on an all-day workout, so I staggered to my bed where I lay until I sunk into exhausted sleep. I dreamt away the events of the morning until they’d happened...

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  Faith By Thomas J. Lauser Sequel to Business of Change   Venomar hated executions. Not the practice itself, but performing them. Nonetheless, he viewed sentencing war criminals, traitors, and deserters as one of his most important duties as Arkresh of the Seragorn. No one else, he believed, should have to bear the great burden of forever silencing a former battle-brother. Especially when the battle-brother in question happened to be Venomar’s longtime second in command. He stood in the entryway of Vakera’s Barracks, waiting for Otak Vok’Ul, Pillager of Palmeria, to be brought over from Kaddek Prison. A...

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Clerk or Hero

  Clerk or Hero By Olga Godim     After a long, terrifying slide, Tiero’s feet touched the ground. The thin rope tying him slithered down and coiled at his feet. Only his weight kept the loop tight for his involuntary descent. As soon as he was down, the witches dropped the rope. High above him, at the mouth of the shaft he had just been lowered through, one witch sniggered, invisible behind a bent in the chute. “Bon appetite, boys!” Her mocking cackle drifted down the shaft. “Harpies!” he shouted back. Nobody replied to his toothless insult. The...

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  WASPS By Patrick S. Baker “Flash Traffic from NORAD!” Technical Sergeant Karen Scott, US Aerospace Force, Women’s Aerospace Patrol, announced from the communications’ station and turned on the speaker. “. . . all mass-drivers! Multiple launches from Soviet territory. Thirty-six outbound, not, I repeat, not, standard ballistic flight paths!” A burst of static, a silence. “Estimated targets are defensive mass-drivers. Repeat: targets of multiple space launches are estimated to be missile defensive mass-drivers, high confidence. All drivers, acknowledge and stand-by for orders.” “Acknowledge the traffic, Scott,” Ines Isabelle Leduc, Captain, USAF, WASP ordered. She flipped on the station...

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Fitzhugh Vs. Fitzhugh, or The Thirteenth Amendment

  FITZHUGH VS. FITZHUGH, OR THE THIRTEENTH AMENDMENT   by Douglas Kolacki     Sometime in 1857   The meeting house stood on a hillside. George Fitzhugh, getting no younger, had to exert himself to run up the grass. He puffed for breath. Yellow light glowed from the bottom tier of windows, and the closer he got to the door, the more the clock tower steeple seemed to rise into the night sky. A slight drizzle was falling, and he welcomed the cool drops on his face. Fitzhugh took hold of the front door handles and threw the doors...

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