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  Prosthesis by Laura Solomon The new right arm was a welcome addition.  He’d lost his old paw by neglecting his diabetes and contracting gangrene from below the shoulder.  They’d been forced to amputate or the gangrene would have spread.  The arm was black and fashioned from carbon fibre.  He was a pianist; it was important that the fingers worked and that the sensors in the fingertips offered feedback. He had complete control over all five fingers.  There were tactile pads which controlled how fast the fingers opened and closed.  The fake arm used electrodes stuck onto the outside...

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  Bane by Gustavo Bondoni   “There’s only one way to remove the curse,” the dying man whispered. He paused, taking shallow breaths.  The fireball had burned away most of the skin on the right half of his body, leaving a blistered, blackened patch.  Three ribs could be seen, shining whitely in the charred wreckage of his chest.  “Get the bane.” “The bane? But that’s been lost for five years.  There has to be another way.”  Sangr resisted the urge to shake him. The man tried to shake his head, but his strength failed him. A single sigh escaped;...

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Status Quo

  Status Quo By Edward M. Turner               Above a log cabin the pale half-moon shone from between thinning clouds. Inside the cabin a woman sat in her chair by a window and weaved baskets. Her concentration was absolute. The bulrushes quietly swished as she thumbed the blades over and under. A glass kerosene lamp provided light.             The squeak of a windowsill, as if it was being leaned on, caught her attention. It came from the outside. She heard something clear its throat, and sensed a presence watching her weave. Every night she expected it. Every night...

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Twin Cities

  Twin Cities By Russell Hemmell “No – you just look at that and tell me I’m wrong.” Sahl had seen many dawns in her life, and Earth’s had never featured among her favourites. The Solar System colonies had so much to offer in this sense – some of them of uncanny beauty. And from the stunning, week-long West Sunrise Parties in the Venusian Floating Cities to the blue hues of the Martian skyline, Sahl had seen them all. No nostalgia or misplaced sentimentalism for a well-travelled Solar System astrobiologist born in a faraway colony. But when, embedded in...

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Rose-Colored Glass

  Rose-Colored Glass   by Regina Clarke   Shelter Bay. This place used to be a resort. My parents brought me here as a child and we slept out in the open, the stars and three moons for company. Waiting for the voices, my father said. I never heard anything but the wind across the open sea. Then two of the moons imploded and took away the tides. The powers that be made the place into an outpost that served as a rehab prison, since all the old buildings were intact in what was now a desert too dry...

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