April, 2017  Welcome to AuroraWolf.com


We are looking forward to spring.


 I hope you enjoy the new stories I have chosen for you, but please do not let that stop you from digging back in our library to read past seasons’ jewels.


We have had so many good submissions, I am totally impressed with the unique stories I get to read. I am very happy to be able to share some  of these short stories with you.


Must have a Happy Ending 🙂

Submissions, for an easy acceptance, we are looking for Near Earth science fiction. Stories of the exploration and the colonization of Earth’s Solar system’s moons, planets, near space and asteroids.

Steamer stories or alternate realities.










Art by Jack Rogers


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I would also like to thank all the contributing authors and artists for making Aurora Wolf possible.

To the readers that visit us, I hope you enjoy the stories. Please feel free to comment; your positive feedback is welcome.