Month: December 2011

The Power Of Music

The Power Of Music By Harriet N. Darling   I reached for Mom’s hand as we entered the empty, echoing house where I used to live with both my parents. Now that Daddy was gone, the large house seemed abandoned and haunted, not like the warm, comfortable place it had been just a week ago. Mom closed the front door and eased her hand out of mine. “JoAnne,” she said, her voice rough, “you go on upstairs and fix your hair. You’re thirteen now; you don’t need to look like a bag lady. I’ll wait for our guests in...

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Light By Autumn Humphrey “Light”, is featured in the Aurora Wolf Anthology Four, “Aurora of the Mists”.   I awoke shivering, surrounded by a bitter cold, with no memory of where I had been before.  I could not see in a normal way, but sensed my surroundings.  There were mounds of snow on the ground and row upon row of evergreen trees.  A man in a flannel shirt and down vest moved toward me, and the next thing I knew, I had tumbled into the snow, puffs of white powder circling around me.  Realization dawned:  my arms were not...

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