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  Avalon By Keshia Swaim   I stood to stretch my aching back, and wiped at the sweat on my forehead, smearing mud on my face in the process. The sun was already sinking behind the steep slope of the tor. “Isn’t this exciting, Dr. Saunders?” Amiee beamed up from her spot on the ground, where she was carefully cataloging the exact location of the tiny potshards, our only find so far. Yeah, exciting. “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.” I forced a smile. “This is just about as glamorous as the life of an archaeologist gets.” Shaking my head,...

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On the Ontology of Glass Spiders

  On the Ontology of Glass Spiders By Michael H. Payne   “Glass spiders?” Just saying that second word was enough to send shivers squirming across Moira’s scalp, her tightly wrapped bun feeling like a tennis ball bouncing around on the back of her head. “It’s okay,” Casey said, shoveling her mouth full of soup. Of course, speaking and shoveling at the same time turned her slurp into a slobber, spots speckling the front of her lab coat and her whole side of the kitchen counter, but as usual, she didn’t notice.  At least she was sporting a buzzcut...

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Shove Push Stand

  Shove Push Stand By Todd Sullivan   The granddaughter of the most powerful witch in the world woke up to bright sunlight shining through her bedroom window. An idea hopped around in her head. She was getting old. It was time to get married. She got to Suncheon-si kindergarten an hour later. She sat in her homeroom seat. She inspected the boys in her class. They were talking. They were laughing. The crybaby was crying and repeating mommy over and over again. Not one of the boys was paying attention to her. That would change soon. She took...

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The Ghost Wood

  The Ghost Wood By Sandra Unerman   The yew tree took hold of me as I walked out of my lodgings. A branch thrust into my sleeve and stuck needles into my arm: another pushed down my back and dragged me to a halt. I was taken by surprise, even though I’d heard what was happening in the rest of the city. The yew had appeared a few days before, fully grown, its roots sunken into the cobbles. I had walked past it safely several times and it had not attacked anyone else. Nevertheless, I am a student...

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The Beginnings of a Witch

  The Beginnings of a Witch By Dana Himrich Once upon a time, a girl walked into a dark forest and never came back out again. Sara hadn’t wanted to go near the woods. All sorts of terrible things were in there waiting to gobble up little children like her, or so her nanny said. But her nanny was up in the nursery sleeping off a bottle of brandy, and the more Sara weighed the options before her, the more she realized she had no other choice. Only one person could solve her predicament. She slipped out the front...

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