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A Time Capsule’s Story

  A Time Capsule’s Story By Lance J. Mushung   Sol blazed dead ahead through the cockpit canopy of Chronos and the command console’s viewer projected the image of Earth directly aft. My ship had already traveled a good distance, providing a lovely view of the blue and white marble.  Staring at home, I still found it hard to believe I’d soon fall asleep and see it again in 200 years. The contralto voice of Lucy, the A.I. of Chronos, yanked my attention from the viewer. “Message from Mr. Doors coming in.  You were correct about him contacting you...

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Hand of Tyr

  Hand of Tyr By Eddie D. Moore   France 1794 The gathered crowd cheered as the guillotine’s blade fell with a quick rasp followed by a resounding thud. Tyr slid between onlookers and slowly weaved his way closer to the center of the chaos. As he thought, he recognized the priest that was walking beside the next condemned prisoner. The priest slowly led the man toward his doom and up the raised platform that lifted the guillotine for all to see. When the priest turned and looked over the crowed, Tyr lowered his face and did his best...

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Asa Elry

  Asa Elry By Tony Daly Asa Elry knelt beside a man she could not recognize. He was being consumed by the dark curse: the unholy spell Slemt Rass had created to assault the citizens of Gerutra. Most of the man’s face and the right side of his body melted into a dark tar-like substance loosely resembling the shape of the man underneath. Currently, it was on the surface of his skin, working its way into his body. She knew it hadn’t reached his central nervous system, because he hadn’t yet tried to kill her. Asa had learned from her instructors that,...

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Steps Saga Part 6 – Hounds of the Mind

Steps Saga Part 6 – Hounds of the Mind By Thomas J. Lauser I He stood outside the Grand Temple of Nez’Gar, waiting as droves of Seragorn warriors entered to receive their post-victory tattoos. Dressed in a plain brown hood and robe, with only his bodyguard by his side, none knew the Arkresh of the Seragorn was among them. When at last the line ended, Venomar motioned to Bazra, removed his hood, and moved swiftly through the temple halls and into the Pan’Heyla Lodge. There, in between rows of cots, a half dozen shaman sat around a large basin...

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When Mirabelle Lost Her Love

When Mirabelle Lost Her Love By Rose Strickman   When Mirabelle lost her love, she set out to regain what had been stolen from her. Packing a bag with a comb, a canteen, a knife, and food, she cut herself a cane and put on her wide-brimmed hat. Thus equipped, she left the green valley her people had carved from the ruined land, and set out to find her love. Her parents wept to see her go, for none who ventured beyond the valley ever returned. Her people wailed and begged; she ignored them all, eyes set on the...

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