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Hunting Gryphon

  Hunting Gryphon By Patrick S. Baker   The land gryphon leapt from the dark wood, grabbed one of the teenage boys by the head and bit it off with a sickening wet snap of its beak. The two other boys screamed and ran. Four older men, guarding the women and children and all armed with muskets turned to the noise. Another gryphon broke from cover and made for the large group. Two of the men fired; both inch-wide lead balls struck the creature in its feathered chest. The monster fell back, wounded, but not dead. The whole mass...

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Demon’s Path

  Demon’s Path By Eddie D. Moore   “Brother Calum, where are you going?” Calum selected a worn black book from a small bookshelf and tossed it on top of his clothes before latching his foot chest. “I can’t just sit here and let that demon run free. How many more people will it kill, Brother Aiden, before someone stops it?” “The Church has people trained to hunt these abominations; this isn’t your responsibility!” Calum picked up his chest and shook his head before marching passed Aiden. “The truth is that our world is infested, and it’s the Church’s...

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The Last Tree Nymph

The Last Tree Nymph by Tapanga Koe   Elma woke up covered in ash. She laid still in it, blinking away first the nightmare, and then the reality. The fire had flashed by, consuming her kin without hesitation. Darkened tree trunks with jagged tops encircled the edges of her vision in a nauseous dance. Embers glowed in their blackened remains. Her left hand tightened around the pouch on her chest. She ran her thumb over and over its cool silk. Within nestled twenty-one seeds, not one of which belonged to Mother. With great care, Elma stood. The world around...

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Into the Soft Fields

  Into the Soft Fields  By John A. Frochio   The fluid arms swiftly and gently deposited him into the shuttle pod and gracefully transferred him to the first slot in the docking module of the orbiting Titan station. The operation was smooth and seamless.  Of course!  He wrote the software that drove it! Maybe that’s why they called him out of retirement. They needed the best.  They needed Craig Colonna, software designer extraordinaire!  He might be old, overweight, short, hairy (pure white, well trimmed) and not too humble, but he was still pretty sharp. He didn’t usually boast...

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How a Ghost is Born

  How a Ghost is Born By S.J.Budd A mother knows of her own finite mortality the very moment she beholds the beauty encapsulated within her baby’s eyes. Then she knows and understands that the new life she has so lovingly created will take her place in the world that her true work has just begun. With time she’ll transform her clandestine dreams, delicate wishes and heavenly love to her child and they will transform their mother’s gifts into something new. Being even better than before, as every baby has always done for aeons and aeons. Jessica lay crumpled...

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