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Limb From Limb

  Limb From Limb John A. Frochio Damn it, why couldn’t he just will his limbs to grow faster?  Byron Anderson closed his eyes and concentrated. The distant snarling of war drones reminded Byron of his Father putting the chainsaw to the overlarge branches of those gnarly old trees in their backyard. The memory was pleasant, but didn’t help much in his current situation. Byron struggled to find distractions from the constant pain. The burnt, smoking ground strewn with the dead and dying and the pungent odors of scorched flesh offered no useful diversion.  The hard, uneven ground added...

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Rules for Dogs

  Rules for Dogs Harold R. Thompson   Orwell the brown poodle stretched in the grass at the top of Tayo Hill, his tweed jacket hanging open, the early September sun warming his curly chest. He drew a slow breath in through his long snout. With his eyes alone, the sky above and the edge of the nearby forest were shades of gray, some blue and the occasional spark of red, but with his eyes and nose together he sensed the deep jade of the grass, the seared blue of the sky, and the speckled browns and greens of...

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  Fragments by D. A. D’Amico   On his second step, Sheng realized he hadn’t made it to Phnom Penh. He hadn’t made it to anywhere. “Help me.” Niki hovered like a wraith beside him. Her lips moved, her thin features fluctuating with glossy, jaundiced light like a time-lapse animation, but Sheng realized it was he who’d stumbled. He landed hard against the pavement. It shattered like glass, forming a circular depression that oozed radiance the color of fresh blood. Niki hit beside him. Her fingers clawed the pebbled asphalt, raking lines in angry shades of crimson. The busy...

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Fearsome Aliens in Moorhia

    Fearsome Aliens in Moorhia By Harriet Darling   It was nearly sundown on our lovely world of Moorhia, yet the two faintly spectral moons in the sky reflected plenty of light onto our farmland. This seemed to sparkle under the stars, especially just outside the moon window where my very own garden of Whip-beans swayed in the slight breeze. My twin brother’s mate, Elador, and I had gathered our children to sit beside the moon window for our evening meal, and it would soon be time for the story—or should I write, The Story. Elador smiled at...

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Happy Birthday

  Happy Birthday By Thomas J. Lauser   Jareth stepped off his motorcycle and drew both his handguns. A pair of Siren-22’s. Focused energy pistols gifted to only the best Reavers from the Order of Ten. The beast he had been trailing all day was near. He could feel it. Dead, decaying trees stretched for miles like soldiers in an emaciated, war-weary army. He remembered a time when nature did not look so dilapidated. Like it had been abandoned by every deity civilization ever created. But that was before mankind’s reckoning. Before the Arrogant Invitation. The macabre ritual that...

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