Aurora Wolf Literary Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy is an online magazine where authors stretch their creative talent and the reader experiences extraordinary journeys to other realms. Publishing speculative fiction with strong characters and morals that uplift the down trodden, conquer the forces of evil and bring hope into our world. Within our anthologies are a mix of the best fairy tales, sword and sorcery, hard science fiction, dragon stories and true fantasy taking place in the past, present and future.

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Novus Creatura – Aurora Wolf Press

Here there be New Creatures (Novus Creatura) who will become the new Frankenstein Monsters and Draculas. Mirroring society, they reach from within these pages to clutch at your throat, your very soul. Don’t open this collection without first lighting your room and locking your doors, because the new masters of horror and fantasy await within these pages to carve their words into your brain, to share their creatures with you: spider-children and environmental horrors; gene-spliced monstrosities and black worms; shadow-people and midnight drivers. All these wait beneath the fabric of society to crawl into your mind by the turning of the page.

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