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Touch of the Grave

  Touch of the Grave By D.M. Kiely “The mortal coil is nothing!” the elven necromancer screamed. “I will destroy you from beyond the grave!” “Go crap in a river!” Zev shouted. The dwarf buried his axe in the skull of the zombie in front of him. It sank to the ground, but Zev’s smile became a scowl as two more took its place. The death-priest screeched an arcane phrase, and the crystal ball before him began to drain the light from the room. “We’re not gonna make it!” Dante shouted in a panic. He waved his rapier, clipping...

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Mantyger’s Mother

  Mantyger’s Mother By Patrick S. Baker “No kidding, I was with a broken ankle, fighting a monster the size of a small truck,” I said as I took a long pull of my beer. “With nothing but a forty-four magnum Taurus Raging Bull and a gladius.” “Bollocks,” my closest neighbor, a big Special Air Service man with a heavy Yorkshire accent said. “Manties don’t get that big, maybe as big as a Cooper Mini, but not a lorry!” “Let me start at the start,” I requested. The big SAS man nodded his assent as did the rest of...

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Jeans By Dean Grondo That day I met the Jeans was surrealistic. Pulp Fiction weird. I’m a carpenter; maybe a bright guy but not an intellectual or anything. And wrapping my brain around a thing like that . . . Clones? I know about Dolly, but cloning people is something that only happens in science fiction movies. Or so I thought. It starts out on the top floor of Earl Wessel’s brownstone in Urbana, Illinois, with me hanging a door and installing some windows. A year ago, come August. In walks this perky brunette wearing cute-girl glasses and she’s...

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  Overlord By Eddie D. Moore Moran was given the title of Liaison ten years ago, after his predecessor was eaten for failing to reach meat production requirements. His heart beat hard against his chest as he descended deep into the freshly sculpted lair of the dragon overlord, Mendota. The other humans despised him for working with the dragons and to the dragons he was just another slave or tasty morsel. It was a thankless and risky job, but for the good of everyone, someone had to do it. The dragons had been content to live in their caves...

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Land of Maiju

Land of Maiju By Todd Sullivan The granddaughter of the most powerful witch in the world held a pencil to the hole in the wall. “Jong Eun-Yul,” six-year-old Koh Dong-gyu said. He stood over her shoulder. “It’s too short.” “Way too short,” the students standing behind Dong-gyu said. “It’s a perfect size,” Eun-Yul replied. The pencil did seem too short, though, but she didn’t want to agree with Dong-gyu. Anyway, how would he know how far into the wall they had to go to find the Land of Maiju? Eun-Yul placed the pencil into the small hole. “It’s not...

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