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MISTER BRIGHTLY By Avery F. Wells   The rookeries and factories of the East End were a fetid morass of wretched humanity, riddled with crime, disease, poverty and despair that few ever escaped. Nigel Barrington wove his way...

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Temporal HAARP

  Temporal HAARP Michael C. Pennington Lame Goat Press   The new mission packet’s square burned across my vision, to perch as a fifty-by-fifty transparency icon, blazing in immediate open mode. I was pissed as hell at...

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Romancing the House

  Romancing the House Michael C Pennington   Chris Bartholowmew Static Movement   I climbed the porch steps, shifted my shopping bag and fumbled with my keys just before dark. My chest had that familiar ache, I...

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The Dark Flyer

  The Dark Flyer Michael C. Pennington Published By Chris Bartholomew Static Movement   Caution to the unwary that travel without the second attention of the unordinary world around us. I’m not speaking of normal...

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Parenting the Ice World

  Parenting the Ice World Michael C Pennington Living Dead Press – End of Days: An Apocalyptic Anthology   Summer in Central Alaska, and the snow built up several inches since the night before. One major volcanic...

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