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Dark Fiends of the Jungle

  Dark Fiends of the Jungle By Brandon Ketchum   Khaden slunk through the night shadows of the jungle like a mongoose preparing to strike. Fronds brushed his bare calves, tickling toes through his sandals. Insects shrieked, voices buzzing together in a jarring, discordant note. Fear-sweat, smoke, and ash combined to sting his nose. He shouldered his way through ranks of cultists and into the clearing. Single-minded in his lust for adventure, especially in quests for treasure, he turned his hand to the fulfilment of his present task—the ending of his present task, which lay before him on a...

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Oil and Water Mix

  Oil and Water Mix By Vanessa Kittle   Sevelh closed the door to his cearlogh. He pulled off his silver wig and tossed it on the floor, then he threw himself down heavily into his chair.  His horses were watered and fed.  His goods were all safely locked up.  The show was over for the day.  Now, alone, he could be himself.  Sevelh was one of the new and growing breed of traders, bartering his Seffean wares for Sairhean merchandise along the borders of the two peoples’ lands. The Seffeana lived farthest to the south. They were the...

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Crisis Counseling

  Crisis Counseling A Short Story by Tom Snethen From the Novel Do You Have a Marriageable Mother? “Fated or Mated” – November First 2017 “Break-In to a Heart Break” – December First 2017 “Death By Fork” – December Fifteenth 2017 “Shut Out” – January First 2018 “Crisis Counseling” – February First 2018 Coming Soon: “Chocolate Killer” – March First 2018 Some Adult Language Used   I was two stories under Abernathy Memorial in a concrete box—a ten-by-twenty tomb—trapped in a grief counselling session with a jock reduced by booze, a prowling widow, a lady commando, and a fashion-plate substitute...

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Sir Hebdobane’s Tale

  Sir Hebdobane’s Tale (A Throw Down Seven Story) by C. Richard Patton   “Draw your sword, squire. Orcs in these hills will attack out of the darkness without warning. It is best to have blade in hand when they do. If they are wearing armor you may hear them before you see them,” Sir Hebdobane said. He then stepped forward and out of sight around an outcropping of the rockface that the knight and his squire, Bryce, had been following most of the afternoon. The knight was out of sight for only a moment when the young squire...

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World Champion

  World Champion By Sean Mulroy Deep Blue was only intelligent the way your programmable alarm clock is intelligent. Not that losing to a $10,000,000 alarm clock made me feel any better. Garry Kasparov World Chess Champion 1985-2000 # Strong winds from off the dead lands and arid plains somehow find their way to the City; here, they hum along electric roads, hiss down steel streets, whistle past towering grids of awesome structure, and seep inside every inch of artificial substance that is this living metropolis. The wind today has been fiercer than ever remembered in the City. This...

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