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Steps Saga Part 8 – Deadlock

  Steps Saga Part 8 – Deadlock By Thomas J. Lauser   “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” –Frederick Douglass “No. Not even in the face of Armageddon. Never compromise.” –Alan Moore, Watchmen I Venomar and Bazra stepped off a rowboat and onto the sandy beachhead of Stiiros. Ten Arkresh Elite followed, along with two more boats filled with twelve Seragorn each. In the waters behind them floated The Spirit of Nez’Gar, Venomar’s flagship and the only juggernaut class vessel in the Seragorn navy. The Precursor ruins Alistair mentioned rose above a...

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Shut Out

  Shut Out By Tom Snethen From the Novel Do You Have a Marriageable Mother? “Fated or Mated” – November First 2017 “Break-In to a Heart Break” – December First 2017 “Death By Fork” – December Fifteenth 2017 Presenting: “Shut Out” – January First 2018 Coming Soon: “Crises Counseling” – February First 2018   I paced my driveway at dinner time feeling my belly rumble. An artificial famine had descended on me, fogging my senses. I couldn’t reason past my next meal. Anxiety forced unworthy decisions. No, I wasn’t alone on a rocky island or chained to a dungeon wall....

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The Centaur Knows the Way

  The Centaur Knows the Way by John H. Dromey             Not every epic adventure begins with the heroine tripping over a tangle-foot vine. Nonetheless, after having ventured barely half a furlong into environs better suited to someone with Robin Hood’s skill set than her own, a lifelong city dweller had to make some serious adjustments in her style of trekking on shanks’ mare. There were no skillfully-placed cobblestones to pave her way. Gone too were the familiar signs of the Crown and the Swan that could guide even an illiterate drunkard to his destination. For some fortunate few...

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The Lost Girl

  The Lost Girl by Tom Howard She pulled the blanket over her head and groaned. “Mildred!” her mother called again. “You’re going to be late for school.” As usual, Mildred had left the curtains to the large window in her bedroom open, and the morning sunlight streamed in with unrelenting cheerfulness. “Were you up late again working on your project?” her mother asked. Mildred had lost a batch of nanites the night before, part of her college admissions project and the pitiful result of a month’s work. So far, she’d only been able to make them transmit sound...

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What Meets the Eye

  What Meets the Eye by Andy Ballantine   “I’m sorry, really I am.  It just has to be this way.  I love you both very much.  Gloos, take care of your sister and Marten, you listen to your big brother.” The children said nothing and their mother drove off toward the freeway, leaving them to fend for themselves. “I guess she’s really gone, Marten, we’d better see what we need to do.”  Gloos – short for Glooskap – was a pragmatic 12-year-old boy, not prone to being too sentimental.  Even at the sight of his mother leaving him and his 9-year-old sister alone....

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