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  Baggins By Lorne McMIllan   If Yvonne’s passing was like the ship sinking, then Baggins’ dying was like losing my lifeboat as well. When I was sick, Yvonne had been my rock, my nurse, my love that I depended upon for everything. She kept me afloat through everything. She put me before herself and she paid for that in the long haul. Without her I probably wouldn’t be alive and without me, she might not be dead. Ignoring her own failing health had been her undoing. The doctor said there would have been warning signs that the aneurism...

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Steps Saga Part 5 – All The Ascendant’s Sons

  Steps Saga Part 5 – All The Ascendant’s Sons By Thomas J. Lauser Letherious’ carriage stopped outside of his home, a villa in the hills outside Minthera. Aside from two lights—one in the atrium, and another in Martin’s bedroom, the building was completely dark. “How about a tip, sir? It’s rather late.” the driver asked as the Senator climbed out of the carriage and approached the villa’s front gate. “For doing your job? Not a chance,” Letherious replied without looking back. The guards opened the front gate, and the Senator walked up the path, through the door and...

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Sudden Light

Sudden Light   By Regina Clarke   Aaron walked around the corner of the house and came toward her. Behind him rose the hills of Morongo Valley, dry sand hills spotted with brush that made Cassie think of pale leopards. He had chosen to stay with her. What did that feel like, Cassie wondered, letting go of everything you cared about and loved the way he had done? For her it had been easy. Leaving what she had back in Phoenix had been a blessing, escaping the dull job and the desperate heat and the eternal air conditioning, and...

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  THERAPEUTIC by Perry McDaid   It was a special time. While all about may have been storms and tsunamis as nature strove to correct the equilibrium upset by man’s arrogance, the sea and air beneath the sleigh’s current course wore the semblance of sleep, a corridor of calm reiterating the omnipotence of the creator which had echoed so loudly in a much dryer kingdom so many years ago, long before the figure wielding the reins was born. No disruption of energies was involved in this supposedly supernatural flight, no chaotic deflection of turbulence. The incredible forces were merely...

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  Megacryometeor By Judith Field   Mark sat on the sofa next to his wife Pat. The magic was already an insistent tugging at his fingertips, pooling around him like a heavy cloud of potential. It was the half term break. No work for a week. And no exorcisms, no magic. Could he do it? Pat put down the Macclesfield Advertiser. ‘It’s not supposed to rain today. Let’s go out.’ ‘What’s on?’ She shrugged. Mark stood up. ‘Hold on, I’ll get the Ouija board and see.’ Pat shook her head. ‘No, we’re on holiday, remember? There might be something...

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